2015 Auction

It is with great pride that we announce our successes during our 2nd annual auction held on 2 May 2015 and would like to thank all buyers and interested parties for attending the auction.
We value the buyer's trust in our genetics and will humbly share with you our records we have met during this auction..

Most of our beautiful animals fetched top prices and we believe we lived up to the expectations of most breeders. Together with being the first to put an exclusive hunting package on offer, we raised a considerable amount for our social responsibility projects and believe we can unite the hunting industry with the breeding industry as they sustain one another. We would like to invite fellow breeders to invest in their surrounding land to explore possibilities where we as breeders can engage with previously disadvantage groups to utilize their land in game breeding, thereby helping our own country and people to become sustainable. This will also transform open land often non-productive to productive land, contributing to economic growth.

As Pilanesberg Game Breeders we invite the Hunting industry to take hands and to work towards a united industry where there is opportunity for all to succeed. 
We wish our fellow breeders success for their upcoming auctions and you can rely on our support.

Greetings to the wildlife industry.

Pilanesberg Game Breeders

Stephan Naudé

2015 Sihencha Auction Lots:






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