When we started our Black Impala project in 2010, we bought 13 Black ewes and two Black rams from the top genetic pool of Johan and Beyers Gerber of Marico Safaris.  

By adding some split and normal ewes and two prime Black rams in 2011, this breeding herd started to pay back results. As a result of managing this project scientifically, several 21” rams came from this herd. We now have a record-breaker ram, namely Black Magic, measuring 24,2/8” at an early age of 25 months. 

<pCurrently Black Magic is in camp with carefully selected black ewes to produce offspring we believe will have top genetics and potential to reckon with. Several other black 21” rams are with other ewes in different camps to further develop and expand our variation of genetics. We are fortunate to have expanded our genetic pool in 2014 with several other Black Impala rams, sons of some of the best Black Back rams in the country, such as Bullet and the late Ceazar, bought from well-known and respected breeders, namely  Jacques Malan, Phumelelo and Lood Bester.

Black Sad...
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